Friday, June 7, 2013

Pixel's Diet, Part One

In previous entries, I have noted that my boy Pixel is indeed a big boy.  I knew he was around 20 pounds, but until yesterday with the arrival of our newly purchased baby/pet scale, I had no idea what he truly weighs.  So now I know what I'm dealing with.  

I'm not expecting this weight loss journey to be easy for either of us.  Pixel lives for his mealtimes.  While it doesn't bother me (any more!) to see him hungry, he does become rather unbearable for Sassy, who bears the brunt of his outbursts when his mealtime isn't on his schedule.  We've already been on the new mealtime schedule for about six weeks already, so that part we have down perfectly!

The reason I'm going through all of this, and putting Pixel through it as well, is because I love him.  This might sound a little backwards, since I'm willfully "torturing" my furbaby (though I don't truly believe making him eat properly and in correct portions amounts to torture).  He spent his life getting chubby, so it will take some time to become thinner.  

I invite you, my readers, to join Pixel and me on both our weight loss journeys.  I'll be keeping track of our successes and failures, right here on this blog.  I know we both can use some encouragement, as weight loss is not easily done.  I have a bit of a head start on him, though.  Since January, I've lost 34.4 pounds with a long way to go.  Together, Pixel and I will be slimmer and healthier!

So today is the first day of the rest of Pixel's new, healthier life!  

Pixel, 6-7-13 weighing in at 22 lbs, 14.8oz

Pixel's "Before" Pictures.  Poor dude!

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