Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"24" And The Mystery Goo

I love the show "24."  When it was still in production, we would wait for what seemed like an eternity from the season finale in May to the start of the new season, which fell right around the Super Bowl in the winter.  Tika, my late tortie Persian, would love to sit in my lap for "Jack Bauer time."  Maybe it was because she would watch the action on TV and seem interested.  I think, though, it was more likely a case of being near me and hearing my voice in sweet, soft tones talking to her.  

Well, the show has long been canceled, and I've moved on so to speak, but recently learned that "24" will return in May, 2014 for a short 12-episode season!  I was elated, but also disappointed as this will be my first new season of "24" without my Tika.  Now, don't get me wrong... Pixel loves to be in my lap, all stretched out and purring.  But he does so on HIS terms, not mine.  If it was up to me, he'd be camped out in my lap all night long.  My legs and tush might protest, but there's plenty of time for blood flow when I'm sleeping!  

My husband and I decided to begin watching the series from season one on Netflix, watching a few hours a night.  It's starting to make me excited for the new episodes next year, but is also making me keenly aware of Tika's absence. So during this evening's episodes, which I was watching and clenching every muscle in my poor legs and posterior with every plot twist, Pixel decided to jump up in my lap and settle in for some cuddle time.  I was petting him and scratching his chin (which he LOVES, by the way!) when I felt something odd in his fur.  My first thought was a lump, but I was much relieved when I felt it move and eventually I was able to pick it out of his fur... a soft, brown, mushy lump of some unidentified substance.  My relief was short-lived.

Now, switch places with me for a moment.  I have blogged before about Pixel's hygiene problem.  If you haven't read it, you can find the post here. So, naturally you can imagine what is going through my mind at this point.  I know I'm going to have to eventually identify the... anomaly.  Without much ceremony (I certainly didn't want to have to say what I found to my hubby... I would have gotten the "well, that's the beauty of owning cats" line... not what you want to hear when you have an unknown, brown gooey substance on your finger you have to SNIFF to identify!!) I took a whiff....

I should probably mention now that, approximately 10 minutes before Pixel came to visit I had eaten a chocolate dipped granola bar about which I had totally forgotten.  Apparently, I had a small, chocolate-covered piece of rice in my lap I didn't see, and somehow it had attached itself to his fur.  Fortunately this morsel turned out to be the mystery glob.  There were two good things about this finding.  The first is very obvious, and I don't think I need to go there (any more than I already have!) and the second is that chocolate is, when consumed, extremely toxic to cats (and dogs!)  I was just really relieved the "Pet Wipes" stayed shelved for at least one more night.

The next time "24" is on our TV, maybe instead of missing my munchkin so dearly, I'll think of what will be called from this day forth, "the Great Goo Sniff" and smile.  My husband is right.  Oh, the beauty (and absolute privilege) of owning cats.