Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sassy and the Unattainable Red Dot

Sassy has never been one of the most active cats with whom we've had the pleasure of sharing our lives.   Overall, she's relatively lazy, extremely prissy, and has a severe superiority complex.  She seldom seeks attention from anyone, save my husband, and would rather be left alone than doted upon. 

There is one thing that Sassy desires to do, however, before she sees the kitty box in the sky... If she could speak, she would say that she wants to catch the "unattainable red dot," or laser pointer beam to us laypersons.  That is the one thing that will rouse the ordinarily subdued Sassy from her laziness and whip her into a frenzy. 

Now sure, our other felines have long desired to capture that tiny red enemy of cats everywhere, but none so much as Sassy.  She is the one who will wait for what seems like a kitty eternity for the shiny, red nemesis to emerge from under a sofa or chair, not realizing that it really didn't escape there in the first place.  When the dot races vertically up a nicely painted wall, Sassy is the one who will chase it, jumping and twisting herself in a vain attempt to capture it.  

Of course, in her older years, she doesn't do so much of the jumping and clawing, but she will still never give up the chance, no matter how slim the possibility of victory, to chase that little unattainable, red dot.  

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