Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Princess Sassy!

Birthdays are a pretty big deal around our home, and the cats' birthdays are no exception.  Over the years, we've only had the privilege to know with certainty the exact birthday of two of our many cats.  Abby and Arista were born to the neighbor's cat in the middle of the night, so they alone had a known date of birth.  All of our other kitties, most of them rescues, have had their birthdays assigned to them, according to their age, and what we felt was a good, remember-able date.  

My very first cat, a calico beauty named Callie, shared a birthday with my late grandfather.  Tika, who was approximately 2 1/2 years old when she adopted us, was given an October 25th birthday.  For Miss Tika, we placed 30 numbers in a hat (minus the 31... she was a black and orange tortie, and I didn't want a Halloween cat), and drew 25.  Sassy, who decidedly bonded with my husband the night we rescued her, shares my birthday, April 8.  This is the most ironic of all birthday pairings, as this cat shows me absolutely no affection unless she is hungry.  She is most certainly my husband's baby.  Pixel, who came to us two days before Thanksgiving, has a September birthday.  He doesn't have the luxury thus far of an official "date"... we just celebrate his birthday in the middle somewhere.  Poor guy!

I really don't mind sharing a birthday with the cat who shuns me on a daily basis.  She is the cat, after all, that my beloved Tika decided to love before she laid eyes on her.  Sassy's adorable devotion to my husband warms my heart, and she makes me truly happy.  She is the true princess of the family. Sassy is prissy, sweet, and in her own Sassy way, she really does love me, I suppose.  So to my littlest birthday partner, I say... Happy Birthday Princess Sassy!  I hope we have many more with you.


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